Revolutionary Procedure Desulfurizing Petroleum Products


An Immediate Solution

We offer the solution, which will not only help reduce air pollution, but will bring economic benefits to the companies that utilize this technology. The unique and novel technology, “Revolutionary Petroleum Desulfurization”, will modernize the petroleum refining industry, provide the purest petroleum products possible, enhance petroleum quality, and reduce environmental pollution. This scientific invention also significantly lowers the cost of refining petroleum products.

Revolutionary Technology Available To Provide "Clean Fresh Air Now"

To resolve the air pollution problem caused by exhaust from impure petroleum products world oil refineries should apply the revolutionary, novel technology of desulfurization of petroleum, presented by “Revolutionary Desulfurization Process”,

The cost of this novel technology represents only a fraction of the present cost that the oil industry spends to cleanse petroleum products. 

This technology will produce a great financial benefit to the Oil Industry, and save countless lives from the effects of breathing unclean, pollution infested air.

Why it is essential to change now!

World oil production is a multi-trillion-dollar industry. It is also one of the world’s greatest air polluters. However, this novel and revolutionary petroleum refining technology, not currently available to the industry, controlled by “KTF”, can now purify petroleum products from the harmful effects of sulfur, at an exceedingly beneficial cost saving.

New Study Links Air Pollution to Lung Disease

A study of six US metropolitan areas, including New York City, Los Angeles, and Baltimore, has found that long-term exposure to air pollution can lead to the same likelihood of developing lung disease as a person who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day for 29 years. How can the refining industry comply with the increasingly severe restrictions on allowable sulfur content of the fuel oils for the prevention of sulfur oxides emissions in major areas of the world? 

We have the solution for the Petroleum Products Refining Industry demands on the market! 

The petroleum refiner has four alternative courses of action. They can produce fuel oil from the low sulfur crude oils, blend the high sulfur fuel oil with low sulfate petroleum fractions, desulfurize the high sulfur fuel oils; OR: apply the new technology “Revolutionary Petroleum Desulfurization“.

Unlike the system refineries currently use to desulfurize distillate fuels, the main cost-saving advantage of our revolutionary technology approach is that the fuel is not processed under high temperatures and pressure, and therefore, does not need large amounts of ancillary equipment. This results in great financial benefits to the industry, and resolves the alarming air pollution destroying the health of the inhabitants of the world.