There are nearly 900 billion barrels of heavy and medium crude oil in the oil producing countries of the world.

Our Petroleum desulfurization invention is essential to the economies of the world, as it most efficiently combats dangerous air pollution, which is known to cause serious health hazards.

In order to achieve stringent environmental and safety requirements, refineries are in search of “green” and cost-effective methods for crude oil desulphurization. Combined desulphurization technologies are being studied in various countries at a cost of multiple billions of US dollars. Our unique and cost-effective method makes further research and development superfluous.  

“KTF” has a proven invention to desulfurize petroleum products ready for immediate application. Our technology is able to revolutionize the petroleum product industry; resulting in great financial benefits, not only to the refining industry but also to allow a drastic reduction in the cost of gasoline and heating oil to the consumer. 

Under the auspices of “KTF”, a group of esteemed scientists, members of  Creative Technologies International; located outside of the United States, developed an additive for use in desulfurization technology of light petroleum products. The concentration of the cleaning reagent (depending on the quality of the raw material) is very cost-effective, of 2.5 – 5 ml per 1 liter of the fuel being refined. A simplified, non-energy-intensive process for the use of a reagent (no high pressures and temperatures) is used in our Technology. The cost of petroleum desulfurization represents an average of 60%-65% of the cost of the petroleum being cleansed. In comparison, by using our technology with the reagent, the added value of the final fuel does not exceed $0.005 per liter.

We can guarantee the reduction of Sulphur content and tar of straight-run oil products, and low-quality commodity fuels to the level equal to, or higher than, the quality of motor fuels of the Euro-5 standards.

The process of this novel technology provides a substantial cost-saving advantage over current systems. Unlike the system currently used, our does not process fuel under high temperatures and pressure and thus does not need a large amount of ancillary equipment — items that are both capital and operationally expensive. In addition to lower pressure and temperature environments, our technology process is operationally straightforward which makes it substantially less expensive and simultaneously much safer to use than the process currently in use around the world. Our desulfurization process does not generate the highly toxic, flammable, and explosive hydrogen sulfide by-product gas which is generated by the presently used process, thus improving process safety.

The proposed technology of using the cleaning component is environmentally friendly since the by-product of water-soluble acid tar is easily cleaned on calcium or magnesium-based Carbonate sorbents; which allows for closed-loop reuse of industrial waters.

Our Scientists are prepared to meet with the management of a refinery in order to demonstrate and validate the effectiveness of our technology. This can be accomplished by the interested party providing a 3-5 liter container of petroleum, quality chosen by the seriously interested party. The demonstration can be accomplished within 90 minutes. It will prove the unequaled efficiency of our desulphurization technology and its incomparable economic benefits.

This Revolutionary Petroleum Desulfurization technology is the property of Karpathia Trust Fund, Inc.; in cooperation with the Developers.