Karpathia Trust Fund, Inc.,  (“KTF“)  . . . . .

is a duly registered  Humanitarian Non-Profit Organization, engaged in the development and promotion of novel technologies and inventions in the field of medicine, ecology, and health-promoting sectors. 

Creative Technologies International and Super Inventions;  Divisions of “KTF,” are comprised of a group of distinguished, highly skilled scientists in diverse fields, providing inventions in novel technologies with emphasis on global health issues.

The novel and essential inventions of “KTF” are focused on solutions that will have the greatest health impact on the world population

  • Our novel technology of desulfurization of petroleum products resolves the alarming air pollution that destroys the health of millions worldwide, by offering drastically more efficient and cost-effective petroleum cleansing methods to oil refineries of the world.

  • The development of non-syntheticwater-soluble Melanin, derived from natural sources, greatly boosts immunity and provides protection against radiation.

  • DIABET-CON, our revolutionary implement, non-invasive Glucose Metabolic Rate Monitor, combats Diabetes and saves lives, sight, and limbs

The organization channels its activities into social and humanitarian work, with emphasis on cutting-edge scientific development in all spheres of promotion and enhancement of good health.